6" Aluminum Shower Enema with 3 Nozzle types

6" Aluminum Shower Enema with 3 Nozzle types

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Indulging in anal sex is a very rewarding activity to do for many couples. It is said that the backside has a lot of nerve endings that, when stimulated, can deliver enormous satisfaction. So, whether you have been enjoying anal sex for a long time or you're still beginning to explore this world, then we have just the thing you need.

The 6" Aluminum Shower Enema with 3 Nozzle types will be your partner in anal hygiene and on the road to ultimate anal experience. This product includes a shower handle that has a length of 5.12 inches with a 0.78 inches width, a handy measure to bring along during your getaways.

The nozzles included in this product are in a variety of lengths and widths. You can easily interchange them according to your liking and mood. This tool is also made of premium stainless steel, made to last a long time and has that inherent hardness that you want to have in a great shower enema.

Anal douching is essential when you want to have a clean ass before indulging in anal sex. Before inserting the nozzle, check the water temperature first. It's ideal to use water that's slightly lower than lukewarm as the tissues inside are very sensitive. For easy insertion, lube the nozzle. Once in, let the water flow inside. Avoid high water pressure as the linings inside are very delicate. Expel the fluid when full and repeat the process until the fluid that comes out is clear. 

While douching with this shower enema product, you might as well enjoy the fullness and in no time, you'll have a clean, welcoming hole, ready to embrace a dong. You can finally do this without having to worry about an embarrassing release in the middle of the action.  

So, before you indulge yourself in that backside fun, take the safe way in with our 6" Aluminum Shower Enema with 3 Nozzle types and feel all the great sensations of nice anal sex!

Color Silver
Type Shower Enema

Handle: Aluminum

Plug: Aluminum



handle: 5.12 inches 

plug: A- 1.26 inches, B- 0.79 inches, C- 0.79 inches


handle: 0.78 inches

plug: A-.098 inches, B-0.78 inches, C- 1.06 inches

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