Bunny Tail Butt Plugs

Looking for something cute and sexy to spice up your sex life? Look no further than our bunny tail butt plugs. These soft and luxurious tail plugs are perfect for putting a little spring in your step.

Every bunny tail plug in our range comes with the distinctive pom-pom you know and love. You’ll be able to look like a playboy bunny in any color you want. Choose from pretty pinks, stylish whites, radiant purples, deep blacks, and much more.

Each tail comes attached to the base of one of our fantastic butt plugs. These are made with high quality stainless steel which will stand the test of time, or silky smooth silicone that will feel fantastic to wear. Both materials are easy to look after, so your plug will always be ready for action.

Choose a plug in the size that’s right for you. Something small that you’re happy to wear for long periods, or something larger and more challenging to test your limits. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, then one of our spiral models will really spice things up.

Like many of our tail plugs, our bunny tails are perfect for experimenting with petplay. This special kind of roleplay has you take on the role of an animal or pet, and completely submit to your owner or master. It takes a lot of trust, but the bond between man and creature can be incredibly strong, and you could experience it too.

How you enjoy your bunny play is entirely up to you! You might want to simply hop around, have lots of petting and cuddles with your partner, or even use a carrot in the bedroom. Whatever you decide, as long as both you and your partner enjoy it, then you’re sure to experience even more pleasure than usual.

Once you’ve found your perfect plug, you can even complete the look with a pair of our soft and fluffy ears. Your partner won’t be able to resist your sexy new look.

So start enjoying the life of a cute little rabbit today. Pick up a bunny tail butt plug and enjoy a life of pleasure and pampering.