Anal Training Kits

Anal is an intimidating prospect for people all over the world, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Whether you’re looking for something to help you prepare for anal sex for your partner, or simply want to be able to experiment and enjoy the wide range of toys available, an anal training kit can help you on your journey.

Training kits are collections of three or four anal training toys which you can use to start experiencing anal pleasure. They tend to have toys that range from small to large, so you can start off with something easy to use before working up to the bigger ones.

What’s the benefit of using smaller toys first though? Well, like any other part of your body, practice makes perfect. The more you use the anal muscles in your butt, the more accommodating they’ll become, and the easier you’ll find it to enjoy any kind of anal sex.

The very first time you try to put anything in your butt, you might experience some uncomfortable feelings. This is usually because the muscles inside your butt tend to be quite tight, so getting anything inside involves a little bit of stretching. So we start with a small toy to gently begin to open the muscles up and make them receptive to more play.

After inserting the smallest toy, you can leave it in there as long as you feel comfortable. This is usually a good idea for people newer to anal play, as it gives your muscles time to stretch and get used to the feelings. Once you feel ready, you can move onto the next size up and repeat the process. Gradually your anus will become more open, making it easier to move onto a penis or larger sex toy like a dildo or butt plug.

Just because these are training kits though, doesn’t mean they’re boring. Some kits contain plugs in a variety of shapes, or with different textures, so you can start to experience some of the many sensations anal play has to offer. Various materials give you the chance to experience the difference between metal, silicone or even glass while you learn. Some of them even sport fantastic jewels, so you’ll be proud to keep them in your collection no matter how experienced you become.

Don’t let fear deprive you of the pleasure you deserve, start experimenting with anal play today with our high-quality anal training kits.