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Did you know: your butt is one of the most densely packed regions of nerve endings in your entire body! Why let all that potential pleasure go to waste? Start exploring the full potential of your body now with Loveplugs full range of butt plugs and anal toys.

Never tried anal play? You don’t know what you're missing! As you insert an anal toy, all the sensitive nerve endings are stimulated intensely, and thanks to the sheer number of them in your sphincters, the experience can be even more enjoyable than regular sex. Once you’re wearing your toy, you’ll feel the unique fullness provided by having something inside your body. This not only feel great for your butt, but can give you enhanced pleasure from penetrative sex, stronger erections, and much more powerful orgasms.

The full range offers a variety of choices for you to find your ideal toy. Choose from different materials for different feels, sizes and shapes to stimulate different parts of your butt, and different styles and colors for the perfect look. Many of our products also qualify for express shipping at no extra cost, letting you get the toys you love faster.

Find Your Perfect Plug

There are so many options for anal pleasure, it can seem a little overwhelming at first. Continue reading to learn the basics of each material you can choose, and some of the more popular styles of butt plug.

Silicone Plugs

Silicone is one of the most common materials you can choose for your anal toys. Thanks to its silky smooth feel, these toys are favorites for many anal enthusiasts. Some silicone feels so soft you’ll think it’s a real body part!

Silicone ass plugs also have some flex to them, so they’re very comfortable to wear and don’t restrict your movement while you wear them. If you’re a complete beginner, we’d recommend a silicone toy.

Metal and Steel Plugs

Another common material used for anal toys is stainless-steel. This is a much harder material, and can provide much more intense stimulation while you wear it. A stainless steel butt plug won’t bend, so you’ll feel it pressing against all the sensitive nerve endings and providing plenty of pleasure.

They’re also completely smooth so will slide in easily with a little lube. Some might find the stimulation a little too intense, or that they can be a little uncomfortable if you move in certain ways, so we usually recommend metal to slightly more experienced users.

Glass Plugs

While less common than metal and silicone, glass is another great material to use for anal plugs. You might be worried about them breaking, but all Loveplugs glass toys are made with shatter resistant pyrex glass, so are completely safe for use inside your body.

One of the greatest benefits of glass plugs is that they look fantastic. Often adorned with unique patterns and designs, which aren’t just visually appealing, but also an extra source of stimulation while you use the plug!

Choose Your Design

Once you’ve decided on a material, there are still plenty of things to choose from. Butt plugs come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and some even have additional features to bring you even more pleasure!

Tail Plugs

Make your anal adventures more extravagant than ever by choosing a sexy butt plug with a tail! Each of these are fitted with a long, fluffy tail designed around many different animals.

A tail adds an extra layer of stimulation to your experience. The fur rubs against your skin while you wear the plug, tickling and teasing even more of your body, or even your partner’s body!

For the truly adventurous, a tail plug provides you an opportunity to explore your inner animal. Combine it with a set of ears and take on the role of a sex-kitten, horny wolf, or a fun-loving fox. Or turn out the lights and try out our unique LED tail for a night you’ll truly remember.

Princess and Jeweled Plugs

Loveplugs jeweled range provides some of our most visually appealing products with all the usual fun of anal toys. Each is inset with a gorgeous jewel which will be fully on display while you wear your plug. Choose from brilliant diamonds, radiant rubies, elegant emeralds, and many more. These are some of the most attractive butt plugs for women who like to look special.

Princess plugs are another variation on jeweled plugs. While very similar in design, many couples like to use these when exploring roleplay situations or other BDSM scenarios involving power exchange.

The jewels aren’t the only eye-catching part of these plugs. Many come with unique metal designs such as our gunmetal or gold packs. If you’re looking for a toy to make you feel like royalty in the bedroom, then look no further than our jeweled plugs.

Vibrating Plugs

Can’t get enough stimulation from your ass plug? You’ll be buzzing after trying one of our vibrating models! These have all the same features you’d expect from any other anal toy, with one important addition. Vibration!

With a huge variety of speeds and programs to choose from, there’s always more pleasure to explore with every vibrating anal plug. Each setting provides a different experience, and the more powerful models can even provide a unique experience during sex as your partner feels the vibrations too.

For the extra kinky, wear one out and about and let someone else have the remote control. You’ll never know when a pleasurable buzz could surprise you!

Expanding, Inflatable and Extra Large Butt Plugs

Want to push yourself to the limit. Looking for an experience you’ll never forget? Look no further than these unique anal toys!

Expanding butt plugs look a little bit different to most other toys. They feature the same base as usual, but rather than a bulbous top they have an expanding petal design. You simply push the petals together when inserting the plug, and let them expand inside your body. After expanding, the petals press against many nerve endings that traditional sex toys wouldn’t be able to reach, and provide you a completely different feeling of fullness.

An inflatable butt plug can provide a similar kind of stimulation. These plugs are inserted just like any other, but have a small tube in the base leading to a pump. Once inside, you can gently pump it full of air and feel the plug expanding inside you.

Huge butt plugs can also provide you with the extra fullness you desire, but there’s no tricks or special designs here. Not only will these plugs fill up the inside of your body, they’ll also stretch your sphincter to the limit!

Anal Training Kits and Beginner Plugs

Whether you’re not sure what size you need, or simply want to get used to bigger and bigger objects in your butt (maybe in preparation for some hot anal sex), Loveplugs has a training kit for you. These all come with several different butt plugs for you to experiment with.

The most basic butt plug set will simply include the same kind of plug in several different sizes. You can start with the smallest, then gradually work your way up to the larger, more intense ones.

Other butt plug kits feature different styles and designs, letting you truly experience a little bit of everything when it comes to anal pleasure. These kits, or even a beginner butt plug are perfect for someone just getting started with anal play!

Lovelube Anal Lubrication

Whatever booty plug you choose, you should never forget the lube! Unlike the vagina, your butt doesn’t lubricate itself, so to make your play more comfortable you should always use an ample supply of lubrication while inserting and wearing your toys.

Lovelube is our own specially formulated lubricant, designed with your anal pleasure in mind. Complete every order with a bottle to make the most of your toys.

The Wonderful World of Butt Plugs is Waiting for You!

All these plugs and many, many more are ready and waiting at Loveplugs. With express US shipping, high-quality products, and fantastic customer service, you can be sure that you’ll get the anal experience you’ve always dreamt of.

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping today and enjoy everything your body has to offer.