Fox Tail Butt Plugs

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Butt plugs are an anal enthusiast's favorite. The feeling of having something solid and secure stuck in your anus is indescribable. You've been rough, you've been wild, you've been submissive, but have you tried being someone's pet? A pet is loyal, compassionate, and more than submissive to you. So why not try to be like our furry friends and be a furry yourself? Please your master and make them proud by introducing another level of obedience and surrender, kinky style. To further justify your new "fursona", finish the look by giving your dominant master the ability to chain your neck with a collar and add a furry fox tail butt plug up in your ass.

If you look up the fox personality when it comes to lovemaking, this animal tops off as the most stupendous one. More commonly known as cunning creatures, foxes are sly, flirtatious, and sometimes quite mysterious. With a fox tail butt plug, you can channel your inner wild animal spirit and show your partner what you're made of. Foxes can be tamed, and are even considered as domestic pets. Owning this fox tail just shows that no matter how wild and rough you think you are, you can still have a master or a mistress.

Our fox tail butt plugs are available in different butt plug shapes, and fox tail lengths and colors. Most of our sex toys are made from stainless steel, but we also have ones made from TPE and silicone. All butt plug materials are made to the finest quality to ensure your health and safety when you use them, all you have to do is to choose which one works best for you. Most of our sex toys are in small or medium sizes and are teardrop-shaped, ribbed or tapered. Do you want a smooth or a bumpy ride? The choice is up to you.

Each fox tail is both luxurious and glorious. We have provided a myriad of tails with different lengths, colors, and fuzziness so pick your poison. Regardless of the form features, each fox tail is still guaranteed to make you feel like you've just been caught from the forest and owned by a new master or mistress. You can become a classic red fox or a beautiful arctic white one with a fluffy fox tail. If you'd like to experiment and create your own fox species for your erotic fantasies, you can choose an uncommon and unique color for your fox tail. The lengths of the tails can vary from 13 inches to as long as 33 inches!

It shouldn't take much to satisfy the needs of a dominating owner and a submissive pet. Foxes can be cuddly when taken care of, and we hope this can be the same for you, too. Show your true loyalty to your partner by letting him or her turn you into a wild animal that can be tamed to serve. Complete the look by purchasing some fox ears and a collar and you're good to go! Wear the tail to an erotic fox play event if you're up for that as well.

There are many animals out there for us to wonder at, and none are more magical and mysterious than the majestic fox. If you’ve been looking for an animal you might enjoy roleplaying as then look no further than the fox. As a common animal that many people identify with, we have loads of information about foxes to make ourselves feel more at home.

If you have decided that the fox is the animal for you, then we have exactly what you need. A fox tail butt plug! Available in a wide range of shapes, colours and sizes, you’re sure to find your perfect fox tail butt plug in our collection.

But the fox tail is only half of whats on offer here. Each one comes with its own butt plug for your pleasure. Who said you couldn’t enjoy great pleasure while roleplaying at the same time!

Fox Tail Butt Plugs - Quality, Comfort & Satisfaction! High quality fox tails perfect for exploring fox roleplay!