Cat Tail Butt Plugs

Looking for something fun and different in the bedroom? Explore our fantastically furry range of high quality cat tail butt plugs!

Cats have a natural instinct of dominance. Cat owners are familiar with their toms and queens trying to take over their bed, couch, even their workplace. When it comes to asking for attention, our furry felines sure know how to get it. Sometimes we wish it was that easy to get that kind of treatment from our partners, but we all know that it's not that easy. Trying to ask your partner for some tender loving care (or rough-housing) in the bedroom can be tricky. That's why we recommend our cat tail butt plugs, the perfect way to get the TLC you deserve.

You will fall in love with the fuzziness and volume of our cat tail butt plugs. The tails are made from faux fur but look and feel real. They are available in different lengths if you want your tail to be short and simple or long enough to drag around the floor or bed. Our different options of colors for the tails can help you get the look of the purrfect tail for you. You can choose your own pattern or if you have a pet cat, you can match tails with your living furball! You can be a LaPerm, Himalayan, MaineCoon, or a Munchkin.

Each cat tail anal plug is made from high-quality stainless steel, silica gel, and medical grade silicone, you can use a sex toy from Loveplugs without worrying about your health and safety. Pick your poison and choose your butt plug shape from teardrop, tapered, or ribbed. That's not all, the silicone and silica gel butt plugs are available in different colors as well! They are available in black, pink, red, purple, and a flesh one which has a white tail and remote controlled vibrator.

Choose a favorite or opt to get a set with different sizes for your anal training. Being a kitty cat for your partner will definitely make his fur (I mean, hair) stand up with delight and pleasure. There's nothing better than wearing a cat tail butt plug to show your partner that you're more than submissive and ready to rock their world, and their sex life! Submit to their dominance and be your lover's pet by introducing these cat tail butt plugs into your next steamy session. After you've gotten the feel of being a feline, make sure to experiment with the different animal tail butt plugs in our store! Meow!

Cat Tail Butt Plugs - Quality, Comfort & Satisfaction! Luscious and soft cat tails Enjoy to make you purr!