Metal Shower Enema Anal Vaginal Douche Cleaner

Metal Shower Enema Anal Vaginal Douche Cleaner

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Here is a neat industrial edge stainless-steel enema shower nozzle for your cleansing and pleasure needs. It has a brushed stainless-steel tip that easily affixes to your shower hose on one end. The nozzle head also comes with a good number of holes that let out a gentle massaging and refreshing water spray.

The Metal Shower Enema Anal Vaginal Douche Cleaner lightweight and rust resistant. If you are looking for a smooth shower enema with a quality build that promises to provide you with great anal or vaginal stimulation during deep and thorough cleaning, then this slim metal shower enema douche system with a ball-shaped head is your best option.

The stainless-steel enema nozzle comes with all the benefits of the usual colonic cleansing such as detoxifying your body and keeping yourself clean in the most hygienically refreshing way. The importance of getting regular enema cleansing can never be overemphasized. Enemas are not only exciting and enjoyable but also provide the much-needed relief especially if you suffer from chronic constipation. Everyone needs an enema treatment every now and then.

The Metal Shower Enema Anal Vaginal Douche Cleaner gives you a steady stream of water from its nozzle head to leave you feeling clean and thoroughly refreshed. It gives you hospital level enema from the comforts of your bathroom. Pipe thread compatibility is not a problem when you connect this enema shower head to bathroom hoses in homes or hotels with standard-sized pipes. Having this 99% compatibility with almost all shower hoses, this portable nozzle should be brought along with you especially when you're going on a long holiday break.

Give your bum the cleaning it deserves. Buy now before we run out of supply!

Color Silver
Type Shower Enema
Material Stainless Steel
Length:  N/A
Width:  N/A




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