Medium Size Compact Stainless Steel Plug

Medium Size Compact Stainless Steel Plug

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  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of body-safe stainless-steel material
  • Perfect for anal stimulation

Want to spice up your sex life with an innovatively designed butt plug? If so, here is the exciting Medium Size Compact Stainless Steel Butt Plug that gets the job done for your ultimate satisfaction. It is small and compact enough to be used by both new and experienced anal sex toy users. Designed to give you an exciting anal stimulation experience, this butt plug will give you a full feeling in your bum.  

You’ll also appreciate the fact that this anal plug is made of body safe stainless steel material. It is not just easy to use but also easy to clean. Cleaning the anal plug is important to maintain its looks and function and more importantly, for your personal hygiene. Fortunately, this butt plug is made of stainless steel which is non-porous, which makes cleaning a breeze. What's more, stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion and is absolutely durable.

This compact butt plug is designed to give you luxurious anal stimulation thanks to its remarkable structure. It has a smooth circular head with a flat top which anal enthusiasts would love. The flared base gives assurance that it won't travel up any further where it shouldn't be. A red retrieval cord is also attached to make extraction much easier. 

You can also buy this stainless-steel compact butt plug as a gift for your partner. We’ll ensure that it will be well-wrapped in a cute and discreet package. The Medium Size Compact Stainless Steel Butt Plug makes such a nice intimate gift to the special person in your life.   

Get ready to be amazed by the fullness in your ass and make sure that your partner gets one, too. Have a great time inserting a plug into each other's ass to boost intimacy. With the awesome features of this butt plug, you have no reason not to hit the "Order" button!

Product Details:

Type: Metal and Steel Butt Plugs
Color: Silver
Plug Material: Stainless Steel
Size: Medium


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