Fetish Petplay Leather Dog Mask

Fetish Petplay Leather Dog Mask

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You were fascinated by how your pet dogs make babies. You loved to watch your male dog thrusting his penis into your female hound. And for some bizarre reason, seeing your pets doing these hanky-panky things made you as hard as a rock. You also imagined how it was like to fuck a dog.

Well, here's an accessory that will make your wild kinky fantasies come true! This fetish mask will turn you into a big black human dog in no time. This fetishistic headpiece covers the wearer's face, which lets your partner's imagination run wild as you fuck her from her behind. Nonetheless, it has eyeholes, enabling you to see her body reaction as you thrust deep and fast into her wet, puckered hole. The snout also has a small triangular hole, helping you to breathe easily, no matter how long you wear it. Last are the ears on the head and the tongue sticking out of its mouth, completing the doggy look.

The mask is fully adjustable—thanks to the buckle closure, there is no need to measure your head size to get this kinky disguise to fit you perfectly. Instead, you only need to move the buckle to get the precise fit.

It's also made of synthetic leather, which means no animal was harmed while creating this mask. So if you love animals—and wish to be like one—then this is perfect for you!

Like any other kinky tools made of synthetic leather, this fetish-y disguise should be cleaned before and after each use. Wipe its surface down with a wet, clean cloth, then buff it with a dry fabric right after. Be sure to clean the interior part, too, to remove human secretions that could irritate your skin.

Turn yourself into a wild sexy beast and howl with pleasure when you put this dog mask on. Get one now!

Material Synthetic Leather
Colour Black

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