Metal Ball Anal Hook
Metal Ball Anal Hook
Metal Ball Anal Hook
Metal Ball Anal Hook
Metal Ball Anal Hook
Metal Ball Anal Hook

Metal Ball Anal Hook

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Looking for an exceptionally aggressive pleasure tool that will up the ante in your playroom? Meet this stainless steel anal hook!

Combine the visual with sexual pleasure and enjoy anal play with this product. Engage your imagination and tie your slave up in intricate rope patterns. One ball measures1.57 inches in diameter while the other is 1.97 inches wide. Use them interchangeably to suit your partner’s needs. The eye of the hook is where you'd tie a rope to bind to your partner’s neck or wrists. Whatever you have in mind, you can use this hook to fulfil your sexual fantasies.

Made of medical-grade metal, this anal hook is non-porous, phthalate-free, and rust resistant, so it’s completely safe to go inside the body given that it’s cleaned properly, which is very simple to do. Wash it in soapy water, rinse, and dry. You can also sterilise it to be sure it’s free from any bacteria. Put it in a clean container, which should be placed in a ventilated, shaded area. By doing this, you’ll prolong the shelf-life of this anal hook.

Using this anal hook requires knowledge in bondage play. It’s also important that your sub gives his/her consent first before subjecting him/her to this seemingly risky yet thrilling adventure. The idea of risk lies only in one’s thoughts and adds to one’s excitement. Being the Dom, make it completely safe and harmless for your sub. If he/she loves pain, then go ahead and inflict the desired pain. Being the master, you may need to gag your slave as screams could be inevitable. You definitely don’t like the neighbours calling the police, do you?

If you and your partner have the audacity to explore the exciting world of bondage play, then buy this anal hook and discover a treasure trove of thrill and pleasure.

Material Stainless Steel
Ball Diameters



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