Prostate Milking: The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Orgasms

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So you’ve done your research. You’ve found your prostate gland. You’ve learned how to massage it properly and what sort of feeling you might have. The problem is, you just can’t seem to bring yourself to orgasm.

Don’t panic! You aren’t broken or incompetent. Prostate orgasms are quite difficult to have. Some men massage and milk their prostates for years without ever having an orgasm. While it would be nice as an end goal, you have to remember that you’re still doing something that is great for your health, even if you aren’t having orgasms.

If you’re determined to go to the next level though, good for you! It can take some dedication to actually reach the big O, but most men who have experienced prostate orgasm find that after you’ve done it once, it becomes a lot easier. This is because on your subsequent attempts, you know exactly what you did before, so it’s easier to replicate.

Just to make sure you’ve got the process completely down, I’m going to run through the entire experience, start to finish. Along the way I’ll also try to add in notes from across the internet. These might not be necessary for some people, but for others they can make the difference between a simple prostate massage, and a mind blowing orgasm.

What Is the Prostate Gland?

What is the prostate gland?

The prostate gland (sometimes referred to as the p-spot or male g-spot) is a small walnut shaped gland located in a man’s lower regions, roughly between the inner end of the penis and the rectum. Its primary function is to produce liquid which helps men have healthy sperm, and contains some muscles which help with ejaculation. Due to its role in ejaculation, stimulating the prostate can be quite a pleasurable experience for some men. When stimulating your prostate for sexual pleasure, you can produce some of the most intense and body shaking orgasms that a man can possibly have, as well as some pretty impressive ejaculations.

How Do You Find Your Prostate Gland?

The first part of any prostate stimulation is needing to simply find where the gland is in your body. The prostate is around two to four inches inside the male rectum, and sits just below the bladder. All men are different, so how far inside you it is will be very personal to you.

The easiest way to find it is internally, which means putting a finger in your butt. It’s best to start with a finger as it’s quite small and you can flex your joints quite easily to help you search. You usually will only need to put the first two joints inside to reach your prostate.

It is incredibly important to stay relaxed while exploring any kind of anal activity. Not only does it help you to enjoy the process more, it will make it a lot easier. When you are tenser, the muscles in the area also become tenser, so it will be more difficult to insert anything.

Some people like to use music, candles and specific lighting, breathing exercises, or just simply making sure that they are home alone and able to focus fully on the process with no distractions. It’s up to you to find out what works for you, and it may take some experimentation. A good place to start is to simply be in a quiet place, where you aren’t likely to be disrupted.

When you’re ready to start, you’ll need lube. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not self-lubricate. As it is designed to send things out of your body, rather than into it, you need to use a lot of lube to make sure that you don’t hurt yourself or damage any of the sensitive tissue in the area.

Begin by applying lube to the area around your anus and on your finger. You can start to relax your anus by giving it a small massage. It can feel quite nice to treat it a little like a doorbell. Gently press on the anus with the pad of your finger and then release the pressure. After a little while, the muscles should begin to open, and allow your finger to move inside the opening.

Don’t rush now, as it can take your body a little while to adjust to the feeling of having something inside your butt. It might feel like you are having, or need to have a poo. This is totally normal and should pass after a while. You’ve spent your entire life using these muscles to poo, so it can take a little time for your brain to get used to them being used for another purpose.

When you feel comfortable enough to continue, it is a good idea to use more lube. Usually when you insert things into your anus, the muscles stop the lube from actually getting inside. You want to make sure that the internal part of your anus is also well lubricated. If you find yourself having difficulty actually getting lube into your butt, there are many syringes on the market which are specifically designed to help with this.

With everything lubed up and relaxed, it’s time to start searching for the magic prostate. It is usually walnut shaped, and should feel different on your fingers to the other areas of your butt. Most people will need to have the first two joints of their fingers inside them before they’ll be able to reach their prostate.

It might not feel nice as soon as you find it. Some people might not even be able to feel any difference at all. While a lot of sources will tell you that “you’ll know when you find it”, this isn’t always true for everyone. Don’t worry too much about it, as with some practise you should get there eventually.

Another tip when searching for your prostate is to try to arouse yourself before you begin, and during the process. Much like areas of the female vagina, the prostate grows from increased blood flow during arousal. The more aroused you are the larger and harder it gets, making it much easier to find.

Now there IS a chance that even following all of this advice, you STILL can't find your prostate gland. Unfortunately for some of us, our fingers just aren't long enough to effectively reach the right area. If this is the case for you, the best thing you can do is look into getting a prostate massage toy, or asking someone else for help.

I’m Not Comfortable With Anal Yet, Can I Still Stimulate My Prostate?

Yes! While it might be a little more difficult to achieve the same feelings externally, it is possible to give your prostate some love by stimulating your perineum. This is the fleshy area between your testicles and your anus. By simply giving a massage to the area, the internal tissue around the area which is attached to your prostate will help stimulate the gland. Combine these massages with some stroking of the penis and you’ll already be feeling something new and different.

I’ve Found It, Now What?

I’ve found it, now what?

Once you manage to locate your prostate gland, it’s up to you to figure out the best way to stimulate it. Some people like to feel constant pressure on it, leading to very strong erections and ejaculations. Others prefer a gentle stroking or massage action, or maybe even some vibration. The most important part of stimulating your prostate is to try and stay as relaxed as you can. Anal play can sometimes be uncomfortable and it definitely takes some getting used to the new feelings, but if you aren’t relaxed, you probably aren’t going to have a great time. You also need to make sure you’re being gentle, as sudden strong touches can cause your rectum to contract which makes it much more difficult to stay relaxed. There are many different positions you can adopt while stimulating your prostate so feel free to experiment! Ultimately this is a highly personal thing and you’ll have to figure out what works best for you.


The first phase of your prostate massage, is arguably the most important if you wish to achieve orgasm. Going into it with the wrong mindset is pretty much a guarantee that you won’t make it to orgasm.

Some men like to follow a specific ritual or guideline while preparing for their session. This is most often just the order you do things in, but can involve things like long baths, lighting scented candles and maybe even massaging themselves with some relaxing oils before they start.

There are a few common things that all men should do before they start a session of prostate play though. A bowel movement is going to be needed to make sure that you don’t start poking at any stored up feces.

Different men will say different things, but the average seems to be a trip to the toilet around an hour before you begin.

The next step all men tend to take is taking a shower. You want to pay extra attention to your anus and make sure it is sparkling clean. Depending on your experience with anal activity, you might also want to begin gently inserting your finger into your anus.

Not only will this make sure the immediate area inside is clean, but you can start to get yourself a little turned on with some gentle massaging of the area.

Getting Aroused

Whether or not you choose to get yourself started off while showering, nearly all men who’ve had a prostate orgasm will agree that being aroused is step number one in reaching orgasm.

When you get in the mood, blood flow to the area increases and the prostate begins to swell up. This makes it easier to find, but also much more pleasurable.

Almost anyone who has tried a prostate massage while not aroused will probably tell you the same thing: it doesn’t feel too great. So do whatever you need to get the love juices flowing, be it porn, stroking, massage, or anything else.

Tools for Prostate Massage

Fingers are the go to tool for many men wanting to stimulate their prostate. They’re definitely the easiest option, but not without their own drawbacks.

The prostate gland is located around two to four inches inside the anus. For most men this will mean they need to insert their finger around two joints inside to reach their prostate.

For some men it can be further up, so more of a finger is needed. In others, their fingers just aren’t long enough, so they stand no chance of stimulating their prostate using fingers alone.

To know whether or not you can reach far enough, a good technique is to start by putting your finger just inside your anus.

Place a small amount of pressure on the front wall of the anus (the side towards your belly). If you don’t feel anything, then insert the finger a little further, and try a small amount of pressure again.

You keep moving up and pressuring until you find your prostate. You should be able to tell when you do, as you should feel a sudden urge to urinate. This is totally normal and fine, and you aren’t at risk of wetting yourself.

If you are able to find it and reach it effectively, great! You’ve made it past the first hurdle. If not, head on down to the prostate massagers section and see what other options are available to you.

The second hurdle when using the fingers to massage your own prostate is that they’re fingers. Stick with me here. When you use any part of your body for an extended period of time, what is the feeling you end up with? Tiredness. The same is true for your fingers.

In some men it can take several hours to reach a successful prostate orgasm, so using your fingers for that length of time can be quite difficult. Even if you can maintain some level of controlled movement for an extended period without hand or arm aches/cramps, you are also contending with a rather limited range of movement.

Keeping your finger in, and staying comfortable gives you a small amount of space to work with, and depending on the angle you need to use to reach your prostate, it might not be feasible to effectively massage the area.

This whole to-do with finding your prostate can be a bit of a turn off sometimes, so it may be worth spending some time on a seperate day exploring the area and identifying the right places to touch.

On another day, armed with your new knowledge get yourself prepared and aroused and start your session proper.

Again this is individual to each man, and if you find something that works for you then you’re all set to get started properly. If not, then it’s time to try some extra tools.

Prostate Massagers

Where something cannot be done, man will find a way. This is never truer than with prostate massage.

Even in an area that has been surrounded by taboo and controversy over the years, those that were keen to explore have been able to find their own methods for stimulating their prostate where their fingers have failed. These methods take the form of prostate massagers.

Essentially a butt plug, but with a curve or angle, prostate massagers are specifically designed tools aimed at aiding you hit the orgasm you want.

They come in all kinds of shapes and styles, so you might need to spend a bit of time finding exactly what you’re looking for, but when you do they can make the entire process a whole lot easier.

If you choose to use a prostate massager over your fingers, you have a few added bonuses. The first is just a whole range of extra movement. You can hold onto the plug by the base, and angle it any way you want.

You have almost complete control over the movements and pressure you put on the prostate and it’s so much easier. Any time you feel your arms beginning to tire or ache, you can take a break and let them rest.

But even then you can continue stimulating your prostate with some simple Kegel exercises.

The clenching and releasing actions of an effective Kegel will move the plug up and down your prostate in a stroking action.

Your other bonus is vibration! A completely different feeling that no matter how dexterous you are, you won’t be able to truly recreate with your fingers. A vibrating plug can really change what you experience while prostate massaging, allowing you to fully let go and relax into the feelings without needing to touch anything.

If you’ve tried various things but found yourself unable to truly relax and focus on your feeling, a vibrating prostate massager can be the way to go.


I know we’ve talked a lot about getting started with a prostate massage session, and not talked much about actually reaching orgasm, but we’re nearly done with prep work. I promise!

The final area of prep to cover is lube. I maybe shouldn’t have left it till last, as it is undoubtedly the most important part.

Your butt doesn’t produce any lubrication! Without lube, any attempts at prostate massage will feel like rubbing your insides along sandpaper. To put it another way, unpleasant and painful.

Both silicone-based lubes and oil-based lubes are much longer lasting than water-based lubes. While the latter is totally acceptable for anal play, you will have to reapply it more often during a longer session.

Silicone-based lubes should be approached with caution, as using them on a silicone toy can break down the surface material, and contaminate your anus and rectum.

Oil-based lubes are the clear favorite here, and there are many kinds to choose from. I’ll leave it up to you, but be sure to do your research and know exactly what the lube you’re going to use contains. You don’t want any nasty surprises.

Due to the length of time you may need to be inside yourself, having a high quality lube is key. The longer it lasts the better! While you can reapply it as you go along, if you end up getting yourself close to orgasm and find that you need to stop and apply more lube, it’s really going to kill the mood.

You’re also going to need lots of it. Whatever you think is enough, double it. You need to make sure it gets everywhere, so really baste yourself in it.

The most important part is to get it up and inside your anus. This part is where a lot of people will fall short with anal play. Just because it’s on a finger, prostate massager, dildo, butt plug, or anything else, it doesn’t mean it’s automatically going to make it into your butt.

If you find yourself having trouble with this, look into picking up a lube syringe. These are usually made to medical grade standards, and inserting the tip into your anus allows you to directly feed the lube into it.

Internal Prostate Stimulation

If you’ve found your prostate, great! You might be wondering what to do now. This is a very personal part of the process. Different men enjoy different things, and it’s up to you to find what aspects of prostate stimulation you enjoy. In any case, there are a few different movements you can try:

  • Circular motions around the edge of the gland.
  • Varying amounts of pressure on the gland, like the doorbell motion you used on your anus.
  • A come-hither motion, like the one described in relation to fingering a woman.
  • Moving your fingers in a quick and random motion, trying to stimulate vibrations.

If you find something that works for you, try to remember it. For a lot of people, it will be a very pleasurable, but somewhat weird feeling. For some though, when they first find and try to stimulate their prostate internally, they won’t find any enjoyment from the process. Try not to be put off by this. A lot of people will give up at this point and miss out on the great pleasure you could get from prostate stimulation.

At any point during this process you feel pain, you should stop immediately. The muscles and nerve endings inside the anus are incredibly sensitive, and tearing them is something you definitely want to avoid. Small amounts of stinging or burning, while not as much of a bad thing as pain, should tip you off that something in your process isn’t right. A lot of the time this will be the lube you are using, as some are nowhere near as well suited to anal use. Make sure you research lube properly and pick an appropriate one for your session.

External Prostate Stimulation

If you don’t feel ready or interested in exploring your anus to find your prostate internally, don’t despair! You still have another option to stimulate your prostate. This is done through stimulation of the perineum.

The perineum is the area located between your scrotum and your anus. A lot of people refer to it (somewhat crudely) as the “taint”. This area covers the entire bottom part of your body in a kind of diamond shape, and with correct stimulation you can also stimulate your prostate too.

The most important thing to bear in mind when stimulating the prostate through the perineum is the penile bulb. This is the area which forms the base of the penis, and is contained within your body just above the perineum. If you rub the area of the perineum which is below the penile bulb, rather than stimulating the prostate you’ll just be stimulating the penis instead.

This means you need to focus more on the area closer to your anus. This area should feel a little softer and tender when you press on it. Again, you need to try to find something that works for you. Everybody’s different! Try circular movements, vibration like movements, pressure, anything you can think of.

Much like internal stimulation, it helps a lot to be aroused during an external massage too. As the prostate grows and becomes firmer, the skin you are massaging should also feel firmer.

A lot of men will not experience particular pleasure from this kind of prostate stimulation. This is unfortunately just because you aren’t stimulating the prostate directly. If you find this is you, I’d highly recommend trying internal stimulation as you are depriving yourself of a world of pleasure.

With enough practise, you may be able to reach a full orgasm from prostate stimulation. These kinds of orgasms are completely different to one attained through regular sex or masturbation, and we’ll be discussing them in our article on what prostate massage feels like.

Using a Plug for Prostate Stimulation

Different Butt Plugs

Butt plugs give you a great tool to use when stimulating your prostate. Not only can they be larger than your fingers, which means more surface to work with at once, they can also be specifically designed to help with prostate stimulation. Prostate stimulation butt plugs usually come with a slight curve near the end, which presses on your gland while they are inserted. If vibration is your thing, you can achieve this feeling very easily with a vibrating plug rather that finding random household objects to put up there. Perhaps the best part about using a butt plug though, is the base of the plug allows you to easily adjust and reposition it, making it much easier for you to find the kind of feeling you like best.

Stage One: Finding Your Groove

So if you’re nice and turned on, have everything lubed up, and chosen your method of massage, then it’s time to begin.

If it’s your very first time, you’re going to want to take it very slowly. While this is always good advice for any anal activity, it is especially true if you aren’t used to it.

The sphincter muscles of the anus are extremely elastic, but if you’ve never used them for anything other than toilet trips they aren’t going to be used to opening up at other times.

The more you perform prostate massage the more these muscles will adapt and eventually you should be able to slide things in with very little feeling of discomfort.

Once you’ve got your implement in, stop and have a little rest.

Remember you need to try and stay as relaxed and aroused as possible, and constantly thinking things like “my butt feels weird” isn’t going to help. You need to adjust, and get used to the feelings. It might not happen in your first session, but before long you’ll be totally used to it.

If you’re at the point where something is in your butt, and it doesn’t feel totally alien and weird. AND you’ve managed to keep your arousal and relaxation high, then you’re probably in the best state possible for a prostate orgasm. Now it’s the simple matter of stimulating it.

There are literally tons of different motions and movements you can try. Everyone likes different things, so rather than trying to tell you which one is “best” or “most effective”, I'll try to just list all of the ones I’ve come across and you can try them until you find your favorites.

With Fingers:

    • Come-hither motion: One of the most popular techniques, you gently roll your finger up and back in the direction of your belly. It’s exactly the same motion you’d use to tell someone to walk towards you, and is often recommended for a woman’s vagina for the exact same reasons: It gently stimulates the entire length of the area.
    • Pushing a doorbell: This one is often recommended for entering your anus too. Rather than directly prodding or poking at anything, simply rest the pad part of your finger on the prostate, just like you would a doorbell. Then gently start to “ring the bell”. You can experiment with different amounts of pressure, and holding it down for different amounts of time until you find something that you like.
    • Circling the yard: This one can be more difficult depending on your angle and how dexterous you are. Basically you want to lay the pad of your finger on the prostate, just like the doorbell, but this time rather than pushing, you run your finger all the way around the edge of the gland. Depending on the size of yours this may be more or less effective as you’ll have more or less surface to cover. You can experiment with speeds, and try different amounts of pressure while you rub.
    • Simulated Vibrations: If you can get the hang of the movements without being too rough, it’s totally feasible that you can make your finger feel a bit like it’s a vibrator. While this can feel great and give you lots of stimulation, it’s going to be difficult to keep it going for a long period of time. It can be best to save this until you feel yourself getting close to an orgasm.
  • Experiment! There’s probably loads more things that I haven’t mentioned and men will be thinking “why didn’t he say to do this”. Like much of this process, it’s a totally personal thing, so don’t be afraid to move your finger around and see if you can find something new that you enjoy.
  • Be Gentle: No matter which techniques you choose to use while your finger is inside you, you need to be careful. The prostate and the anus are both incredibly sensitive areas, and going a bit too rough on them can leave you a bit sore for a few days. Roughing it up too often could cause some real damage to either, which isn’t going to help our arousal and enjoyment.

With a Prostate Massager:

The options here are a little different, so I’m not going to make a list giving you techniques. Instead I’ll just give you some ideas of what kinds of things you can do with a massager.

  • Pressure: is probably the easiest thing to vary with a massager when compared to fingers. Being able to move the unit around by pulling and pushing on the base can give you a much greater level of control. When you find a level of pressure you like or want to stick with for a while, you can try and position the massager to stay there, so it isn’t a constant effort like it is with your fingers.
  • Depth: Prostate massagers come in many different sizes. Some of the longer ones are able to go deeper into your butt while still hitting the spots of the prostate you need it to.

    Others will literally just reach the prostate and go no further. Depending on how comfortable you are, and the enjoyment you get from anal play, you can try out different kinds of massagers until you find the one that’s ideal for you.

  • External massage: Many prostate massagers will come with an extra arm that sits outside of the body. This isn’t just to keep it from getting eaten by your butt, but it’s meant to sit on, and stimulate the perineum. This fleshy area behind your scrotum is directly underneath your prostate, and is what people stimulate when they perform external prostate massage. By using a massager with one of these arms, you’re getting the best of both worlds.
  • Cock Ring: There are also varieties of prostate massager that come with a cock ring built onto the outside. These can be great if you struggle to maintain arousal during a prostate massage.

    Some men have the unfortunate problem that the second something enters their anus their erections will instantly drop. Maintaining a solid erection throughout can do wonders for keeping yourself aroused.

  • Vibrations: as we discussed a little earlier, can make the entire process of prostate massage that little bit easier. If you’re after something simple and easy to use, this is definitely the way to go.

If you’re thinking about going with a prostate massager over your finger, we’ve done an in depth look at both the designs and use of them which you should definitely take a look at.

Stage Two: Pre-Cum/Milking

At some point during the process, you might notice some white fluid leaking out of your penis. You shouldn't be alarmed, as this is part of the prostate massage and is totally normal. What you’ll be noticing is basically ejaculation, only without the sperm.

The fluid is mostly made up of the liquids that are stored and produced in the prostate, and should be roughly milk-like in color and consistency, hence the term prostate milking.

You can choose to milk the prostate for as long as you like, and by varying speed or pressure you can spend a lot of time to make sure that everything is cleared out properly. If your main goal is prostate orgasm though, this won’t be your primary concern. It is though, a sign that you are on the right track.

Sometimes you might spend quite a long time massaging, but have no pre-cum leakage at all. It’s likely in this case that you just aren’t hitting quite the right spot.

Everyone’s body is different, and just because you’ve read it should be done one way it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. If this happens to you it might be worth trying something different.

Techniques That Might Help

Different Positions

There are a great range of positions you can use if your first choice isn’t working for you. The most popular and simple one will be simply lying on your back, reaching down past your stomach. If this isn’t doing it for you, or if you just fancy different, here are some options:

    • Face Down: Not the most adventurous change of position, but still an effective one. Flipping over to your stomach can help you have a bit more access to your anus, and you can rest your arms on your back while you massage so they don’t get as tired.

      One downside to this one is that your hand will be the opposite way up, so things like the come-hither motion will no longer work. If you’re dexterous though, you should still be able to effectively reach your prostate.

    • Both Legs Up: Still remaining on your back, but the simple act of pulling both of your legs up to your chest (or further if you’re flexible), can give you much greater access to your anus. The position also naturally opens up your butt cheeks too, making it a little easier to access.
  • Laying on one side, outer leg to chest: This one’s a little harder to explain, but it’s kind of a fetal position on the outer half of your body. You use your arm to reach around over the bent leg to reach the anus. This can be quite a comfortable position, but the angles can make some kinds of stimulation a little difficult.
  • Doggy Style: Just like the sexual position, doggy style can be a useful one for reaching the prostate. This position gives you some flexibility, as your arm can reach between your legs or over your butt to reach the anus. It can help to use some pillows to take some of the weight off your legs.
  • Experiment! There’s no wrong answers here, so if you can find a position that works for you, then go with it!

Switch to External

Most people are going to recommend using internal massage techniques when you are trying to achieve a prostate orgasm. If you aren’t yet comfortable with something entering your anus though, you aren’t completely out of luck.

While externally stimulated prostate orgasms aren’t as common, some men have perfected the art, and can summon some truly magical feelings without even touching their insides.

Even if you’re perfectly happy entering your anus, external massage can have it’s role in your prostate massage sessions. It can be a useful warm-up during your initial phases of arousal and prep.

Or you can use it as a little halfway break if your arm or anal muscles start to feel a little tired. So don’t be afraid to mix it up, and try a little external massage on your journey to prostate heaven!

Use the Penis Too

All men will know what penis orgasms are like. Pretty much any penile touches while slightly aroused will really help get you going. As we discussed earlier, maintaining your arousal during your session can be a big help due to the increased prostate size, so making sure you’re nice and hard can make a big difference.

Another option is to wear a cock ring. For most men this will be enough to maintain a constant erection, with the bonus that you don’t need to touch your penis at all during your massage.

If you feel the arousal leaving, and the enjoyment dropping during your massages, a short play with your penis can help top you back up and keep you going.

You should be careful though, as for most men reaching a regular penile orgasm will put a swift end to any enjoyment you were receiving from your prostate massages.

Getting Someone to Help

Your quest for prostate orgasms doesn’t have to be a solo one! While most men will prefer their first few attempts at prostate massage to be done privately, allowing someone else to get involved can enhance the experience a huge amount.

Not only will it be easier for them to reach your prostate without you having to fold yourself up, letting someone else take care of the actual massage means that you can relax fully. Being able to focus entirely on the feelings you have rather than the physical act of performing massage, can make it easier to reach orgasm.

Talk to the Doc

While most men are able to find their own prostates, for some it might feel like you just aren’t hitting the right spot. This is probably more relevant if you’ve tried massaging a lot, but still not had any pre-cum during the stimulation.

It is possible that your prostate is just in a slightly different position to normal, so a conversation with a doctor (and maybe a short rectal exam) will help to clear things up. An added bonus is that if they do need to touch your prostate themselves, you’ll know exactly what it’ll feel like for your next attempt.

Stage Three: Reaching Climax

Now let’s assume that everything is going great. You’re able to find your prostate and enjoy stimulating it. You’ve got pre-cum dripping out of your penis. But you just can’t reach orgasm. What’s a man to do?

Unfortunately, there really isn’t an easy answer for this. Some men will reach the goal quickly, others might take many attempts. The main thing is to focus on enjoying the process. Kind of annoying really, isn’t it?

Luckily for you I’ve scoured the internet, and I’ve found a couple of last tidbits of wisdom that just might help.

  • Edging is the act of masturbating with the penis until you are just on the brink of orgasm, and then stopping. Sometimes doing this just before you begin prostate massage, and repeating any time you lose arousal can help bring you closer to prostate orgasm.
  • An intense need to urinate is often a feeling that will cause some men to slow down or stop their massage. For most though, pushing through this feeling and continuing with the massage is the final barrier.

    So next time you feel like you’re going to wet yourself, remember that you definitely wont, and keep pushing yourself that little bit further.

  • Utilizing your pelvic floor muscles at the right time can make the difference for some. The pelvic floor works with the prostate during orgasm, causing the spasming you feel in your penis and pelvis. If you can time some pelvic floor clenches as you near the peaks of your massage, it could tip you over the edge.

Now that really was a bit of an epic. I’ve spent a lot of time reading about many men’s different experience and tried to give you as many tools as possible for your journey to prostate orgasm.

The rest is up to you! Get yourself into the habit of regularly massaging your prostate, find the things you like, and hopefully before long you’ll be feeling the best orgasms of your life!

Do Women Have One Too?

Unfortunately, as the prostate is a gland designed for sperm related purposes, women don’t carry one. But don’t let that put you off, I’m sure your men will love it if you want to get involved and find better ways to pleasure them! You can combine penis stroking and playing with a butt plug for prostate stimulation. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could combine prostate massage with roleplay and tie your man down while you pleasure him. Once you’ve had enough practise, you can work on giving your partner the most intense and exciting orgasm they’ve ever had. As you can see, there’s a lot to explore when it comes to male prostate stimulation.

" So, whether you’re a guy or a girl looking to please her man, be sure to check out our butt plugs and start exploring your prostates today!"

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