Tail Butt Plugs

Animal Transformation Fetish

Another kind of fetish involving animals is the animal transformation fetish. This is a branch of transformation fetishes, which is often referred to as TFing or TeeFing. The animal transformation fetish is simply the sexual arousal caused by the idea of being turned into an animal, or turning another into an animal.

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Scratching the Surface of Kitten Play

Kitten play is probably the most recognisable of the different forms of petplay. Even from a young age, people are always keen to dress up as cats, particularly at Halloween. Kitten play takes it further, allowing you to experience the relaxed, simple life of a cat.

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Petplay, BDSM and Bondage: Tying it all Together

Petplay is a somewhat unique form of animal roleplay in which the participants are able to completely take on the role of an animal or handler/owner. Some people see it as an escape from reality. Others enjoy the idea of being humiliated or dehumanised. Others still, simply enjoy exploring the headspace of an animal. The reasons people take part in and enjoy petplay are as varied as the people themselves.

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Cow/Livestock Play

Cows don’t tend to be thought of as the sexiest animal out there. They’re large, cumbersome, and sometimes come across as a little dull. For pet players though, enjoyment can be drawn from almost any kind of animal, so naturally, there are those out there who enjoy playing as a cow or other livestock animal.

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Seven Animal Tails That Will up Your Role-Playing Game


If you’ve been to a site like Loveplugs more than once in your life, you’ve probably noticed the large amount of tail butt plugs that are available to purchase. At first you might dismiss them...

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