Loveplugs Catwalk Show 2019

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Good evening one and all! Welcome to the Loveplugs Catwalk 2019! I hope you're all as excited to be here as I am!

Tonight, we have the delight of seeing some of the newest, flashiest, and most daring looks from the world of butt plugs!

Each outfit will be scored by our team of fashionistas over at the judges’ desk, and the one with the most points will be declared THE must have outfit of the year!!

But don't worry if you don't agree with our judges. Everyone here in the audience will also have the chance to vote on their favorites in our 'People’s Choice’ award!

So, let's get on with the show, and welcome our very first model to the stage, give it up for Lucy Holle!


Lucy is keeping things simple yet sensual with this stylish tube-top and miniskirt combo. This functional ensemble is punctuated with a luscious 18 inch black wolf tail plug and matching ears. With an outfit that looks this good, Lucy is sure to be leader of the pack! Let’s give her a howl!

Now let’s see what our judges have to say.


You heard it here, folks, Lucy has a grand total of 18 points!

For our next outfit, we're bringing in our first man of the evening. He's handsome. He's charming. It's Phil MaButt!


Phil's outfit screams class and pizzazz, featuring a chic waistcoat and top hat combo. With a subtle jewelled butt plug inset with a glittering pink gem, he's ready to dazzle everyone with his magic touch!

Let's hand things over to the judges and see what they think.


A mixed bag there from our judges, Phil comes out with a total of 17 points! Still, we’re so glad to have had him here tonight!

Next up, we're heading out to sea with the lovely Tess Tickles!


Tess is ready for action with this swashbuckling pirate's garb. Featuring a heart shaped stainless steel butt plug inset with a beautiful sea-blue jewel, she'll be sure to shiver your timbers whenever you desire!

This is definitely something unique, but will it capture the hearts of our judges?


Well, our first nine of the night gives Tess a very impressive score of 22!

For our final outfit of the show, it's time to bring out the dashingly handsome Hugh Jass!


Well, I'm supposed to talk about our models’ outfits here, but Hugh's made that difficult for me by wearing… absolutely nothing! He's modelling a fluffy and vibrant tail butt plug and ear combo in a striking grey and white. A simple dark mask adds a touch of mystery!

I don't know what the judges are going to make of this, let's hand it over to them and find out!


Well, he couldn’t please our Diamond Princess, but Hugh still comes out with an impressive 21 points!


Now, it’s time to look at our final scores!

In fourth place, with 17 points, it’s Phil and his pink jeweled butt plug! He just didn’t quite have the magic touch today, but he still gave us a sight to remember!

Coming in third, we’ve got Lucy with a respectable 18 points! Her tail plug went great with her outfit, but it just wasn’t quite enough to earn her first place tonight!

In an extremely close second, with 21 points, Hugh! A real contender, but unfortunately his daring choices turned off one of our judges, so he missed out on the top spot by juuuust a “whisker”!

And taking home the champion’s crown tonight, with a fantastic 22 points, Tess! Combining the glittering treasure of a shining butt plug with a striking pirate outfit was a unique decision which certainly “commandeered” the judges’ attention!

But we’re not quite done yet! We’ve still got our ‘People’s Choice’ award to give out! On the count of three, we need you all to vote for your favorite outfit by holding up one of the cards we’ve given you.





It’s a close one, but looking around the room, it seems this year’s ‘People’s Choice’ is Hugh! His daring decision to let the tail butt plug speak for itself seems to have won the hearts of our audience!

That’s all we’ve got time for tonight. Thank you all so much for being here. If you enjoyed the show, make sure to tell your friends and don’t miss out on the next exclusive Loveplugs event! Goodnight, everybody!

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