How to Clean Your Butt Plug

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It is of vital importance for both your health and your pleasure that you use clean and safe butt plugs for your play. This will be a short guide on how to properly and safely clean your butt plug, but these principles can be applied to any sex toy you happen to own.

No matter how clean your rectum is, there is always residual bacteria left on your plug that may begin to multiply if the plug is not disinfected properly right after use. For the purposes of this guide, butt plugs can be subdivided into porous and non-porous, according to the type of material they are made of.

Porous Plugs

Porous plugs are made of materials such as hard plastic, Cyberskin, elastomer, jelly, rubber, nylon, and neoprene. It is important that you check the label on the box your plug came in to see what material it is made of, so you know how to clean it.

Porous plugs should be cleaned simply by using a mild soap and some lukewarm water, assuming you are cleaning them right after use. If you do not clean your porous plugs immediately after use, the bacteria can crawl inside the material and make your plug unsafe for use.

Do not use any abrasive materials when cleaning your porous plugs, as these can damage the surface of the plug, which allows the bacteria to infiltrate the plug more easily.

Non-Porous Plugs

Non-porous plugs are made from materials such as glass, silicone, and stainless steel. For non-porous plugs, the treatment again depends on the type of material. For plugs made of heat-resistant materials such as heat-proof glass and stainless steel, simply submerge them in boiling water for around 10 minutes and leave them to cool.

For butt plugs made of materials that are not entirely heat-resistant, like silicone, wash them with mild soap and lukewarm water just like a porous plug.

You may choose to boil these plugs as well but only do it if the plug is made of high-grade silicone, as the heat may lead to warping.

Butt Plugs With Tails Attached

If you are using a plug with an animal tail attached, first you have to find out whether it is real or faux fur. If it is real fur, you must be very gentle with how you handle it.

If it is a real animal tail, you should not submerge it into the water fully when you wash it, as the added weight of the water may cause the tail to break.

Instead, use a cold damp cloth soaked in a mild soap and gently dab the tail without adding too much water. Use a hair-dryer on a lower heat to dry the tail instead of hanging it up to dry, as this may damage the tail.

If you are using a plug with a faux fur tail, you may fully submerge it in water and soap and wash it gently. Once your tails are dry, regardless of whether they are real or faux fur, you should brush them as you would your own hair in order to fluff them up nicely.

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