Best Butt Plugs 2020 - The Loveplugs Royale

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Announcer: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the biggest event of the year. The Loveplugs Royale!

The Crowd Cheers

Announcer: This year we’re changing things up, and pitting the four best plugs against each other in a head to head battle. At the end of the night, only one will remain to be crowned the best butt plug of 2020!

The Crowd Cheers

Announcer: So let’s kick things off, and introduce our competitors!

Announcer: In each round these four plugs will be put head to head on our judges chosen categories, and each round one plug will be eliminated! So let’s get straight into the action with round one: Practicality!

Announcer: The key in this round is simple, how often are you actually going to use the plug? Let’s hear from the Judges!

Judges: When it comes to practicality, both the jeweled plug and the training kit are right up there. Things are a bit different with the inflatable and tail plugs though. It’s not like you could wear them into the office!

We think that the tail plug just edges it out though, as you’ll be able to wear it to costume parties or if you really wanted to, hide the tail under your clothes. Even though an anal hook is great for bondage and other kinky bedroom times, this isn’t something you’re going to want to do every time. So this plug will probably see less use than the others.

Unfortunately, this round we will be eliminating… Tess!

Announcer: You heard them folks! Our loser in the practicality round is the anal hook!

Announcer: Let’s move onto round two: Design!

Announcer: This time our judges will be ranking the plugs on their looks and visual appeal! Time to hear from the Judges!

Judges: Looks are still important with butt plugs even though you don’t see the whole thing while you’re wearing it. Having an attractive base can make your time in the bedroom that much hotter, and looking great while you wear it can help you feel great too!

In this round, we have two quite clear winners. Both the tail plug and the jeweled plug have extra touches to make them that much nicer to look at. While the training kit is great for someone learning the ropes and exploring anal play, it just lacks the pizazz of the other two plugs in the ring!

We’re eliminating Lucy!

Announcer: It’s a close call, but I think we’re in agreement, the anal training kit is eliminated in the design round!

Announcer: We’re down to our final two plugs. Who will be crowned winner, tail plug or jeweled plug? Let’s find out in our final round: Sensation!

Announcer: In our final round, the judges will be looking at probably the most important factor for any butt plug wearer, how does it feel when you wear it! Time for the Judges final decisions!

Judges: While looks and practicality are important to butt plugs, ultimately if it doesn’t feel good to wear, people aren’t going to want to wear it! So in this final round we’re faced with a tough choice.

The cat tail plug option is attractive, and the gorgeous faux fur will definitely add some extra stimulation while you’re wearing it. Meanwhile the jeweled plug will definitely feel great for almost everyone as it’s not too big, and comfortably fits beneath your cheeks.

The judges continue deliberating.

Announcer: Looks like our panel is struggling to come to an agreement, but I’m going to have to push you for your final decision.

Judges: We’ve reached a decision. Despite the extra stimulation offered by the cat tail, it’s been edged out by a whisker.

Ultimately a lot of the sensation you experience when you wear a butt plug will come down to when you use it. With the cat tail plug you miss out on the excitement of having a dirty little secret while your head to the store or work! That excitement is one of the best parts of wearing a butt plug!

The jeweled plug also looks great while you wear it, and seeing your own butt sparkle can really help you feel a million dollars which we feel tips it over the edge!

We’re eliminating… Hugh!

Announcer: It was a tough fight, but it looks like our tail plug is eliminated in our sensation round!

Announcer: So that means the winner of the best butt plug of the year 2020 goes to Phil with his rainbow Princess plug set! Let’s hear from the winner himself!

Phil: I knew this jeweled plug had to be the best plug of 2020! It’s just so perfect for almost any situation. You can wear it at home when you’re just getting on with your day, out and about, and of course, spice up your bedroom.

Thanks to it’s stainless steel material, it not only feels great to wear, but you can also experiment with temperature play by cooling it down and heating it up! There’s also so many colors to choose from there’s always going to be one you like. It’s really a butt plug everyone should have in their closet!

Announcer: Thanks Phil!

Announcer: Well we’ve heard our judges thoughts on all our contenders, but do you at home agree? Our poll is now open for you to vote for your own winner of the Butt Plug Royale 2020, so head over to social media and let us know what you think!

Announcer: And with that, this evenings fun and games are over. All of the plugs that entered the ring tonight will be available at special sale prices for a limited time only! Be sure to pick them up before you miss out! And don't forget to return in 2021 for our next Loveplugs Royale!

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