Anal Squirting: Is It Possible?

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There is a lot of controversy regarding whether or not anal and even vaginal squirting in women are real phenomena or just the product of curious imaginations.

Unfortunately, there have been few actual studies regarding female squirting, and the ones that have been conducted are usually conducted informally or on very small groups of women. However, there does seem to be some truth to the activity known as squirting, so if you’re curious about it, you can easily learn more about it.

Is Squirting Real?

For many women, squirting is definitely real. Women can squirt from either their vagina or their anus during sex. Although it can feel like you’re urinating at first, squirting is not the act of urination, but instead, usually involves a clear or whitish-colored liquid that squirts out after you have an orgasm.

Medical professionals are reluctant to name this fluid because they haven’t studied the phenomenon enough to know exactly how it is produced.

The terms “squirting” and “ejaculation,” when they refer to females, are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are actually two different occurrences. Female ejaculation usually refers to a thick, whitish fluid that comes from the female prostate, while squirting usually refers to a clear, thin, and abundant fluid that comes from the urinary bladder.

Although females do not have prostates, the term “female prostate” usually refers to the Skene’s glands or Skene’s ducts, which are small glands found on the front side of the vagina.

Another interesting fact about female squirting is that most females claim that to literally squirt while you’re having sex, you have to manipulate your body in a certain way, especially in the anal and vaginal areas.

This implies that squirting doesn’t necessarily come naturally to a lot of women, but the women that do squirt claim that any female can learn to squirt if she wants to, which may or may not be true.

When it comes to female squirting, different “experts” have different opinions.

Sex therapists say that when you strain your body to squirt, you can actually damage your pelvic muscles, and directors of porn films – which “capture” a lot of squirting on film – attest that even they are not convinced that the act is real.

After all, orgasms occur naturally without trying, so if you have to concentrate on the squirting process, it may or may not be a real thing.

What Exactly Is Squirting?

When women squirt during anal or vaginal sex, it is usually a result of them pushing in a down-and-out motion with their pelvic region. There are a lot of fluids involved when you’re having sex, and it is natural for them to be expelled after you experience an orgasm.

Many women claim that this liquid can squirt out several feet after it is expelled, but again, this is likely just the natural moisture that results when a woman is aroused before and during sex.

In fact, many porn actresses have admitted that there are certain tricks used to make it appear as if a woman is squirting, even when she isn’t. This includes inserting the contents of a douche mixture into the anus or vagina right before the sex act occurs.

In fact, many porn actresses have admitted that there are certain tricks used to make it appear as if a woman is squirting, even when she isn’t. This includes inserting the contents of a douche mixture into the anus or vagina right before the sex act occurs.

Other people claim that the actresses are merely letting out a little urine after they orgasm, while others are convinced that the act of squirting is all BS and it doesn’t exist at all.

Still, the women who do squirt during vaginal or anal sex swear that the phenomenon is real, and this does seem to be true, since many different women have seen either thick, white liquid or thin liquid a little darker in color squirt out of them after they reach orgasm during the sex act.

Of course, the act of squirting in women does seem to be relatively rare because only a handful of women have experienced it, and few of those experience it on a regular basis.

Because of all these things, it is easy to understand why it is difficult to get the facts when it comes to squirting, gushing, and female ejaculation.

The meanings of these phrases are very similar, but since this phenomenon has not been fully studied, it is essentially up to the researcher to decide if it does or does not exist and what the different types of squirting consist of.

The Two Types of Squirting

There are actually many different types of squirting, but the two main ones are anal squirting and vaginal squirting.

Many neurologists have claimed that the small amount of milky white liquid expelled after an orgasm is mostly associated with vaginal sex, and it usually consists of urine that is mixed with substances from the female prostate area.

In fact, physiologically, this liquid is similar chemically to urine and may even contain small amounts of PSA, according to neurologists.

Some women expel urine when they squirt, while others find that it is a combination of urine and other materials, so in essence, each woman is different.

Another interesting characteristic is the amount of squirting that occurs. Some women squirt barely enough liquid to fill up a shot glass, while others squirt so much that a large section of the sheets is damp or even wet.

Because squirting is something many women strive to do, there are now classes that teach this technique, which normally consist of teaching them to apply pressure to the G-spot area and coordinate the release of the pelvic floor muscles whenever you bear down.

The latter flattens out the angle between the bladder and the urethra and makes it more difficult to keep any type of liquid inside the bladder, which means it has to be expelled.

Is it the Same as Female Ejaculation?

Once again, since there are no real rules when it comes to ejaculation versus female squirting, the answer to this question varies depending on what you read.

Many books and articles claim that female ejaculation is a vaginal act and squirting is an anal act, but since all the terms associated with squirting and ejaculating in females are often used interchangeably, it can get a little confusing learning which term means what.

There are also “experts” who claim that female ejaculation involves one type of fluid and female squirting consists of another, but again, since the terms are not clearly defined, you can never take these definitions at face value.

The best you can hope for is to learn the various ways all of these terms are defined so that you can become familiar with what your body is able to do.

Just knowing that both ejaculation and squirting are possible make a lot of women more comfortable with the phenomenon so that it is easier for them to give it a try at some point.

Is Squirting Normal? How Common Is It?

Sometimes, the research on female squirting produces results that differ from the real-life experiences of many women out there, which makes it confusing to figure out what is real and what is imagined.

Women who swear that they experience squirting are convinced that this is what is happening, and since a lot of the few studies on this phenomenon are conducted by male scientists, it is little wonder that there is some conflict between the different parties.

Squirting and ejaculation are rare in women, and since there are so few “official” studies that have been conducted on the phenomenon, the percentage of women who have experienced squirting always varies from one study to another.

Most of them, however, claim that up to 30% of all women have experienced squirting. Of course, that “up to” can be deceiving, and some studies have stated that the number is as low as 11%, which means the actual total could actually be quite low.

To make things even more interesting and confusing, many of the women in these studies have claimed they have only experienced squirting or ejaculating once or twice in their lifetime.

This means that even if the number of women who have experienced squirting is as high as 30%, the fact that so many of them have only experienced it a time or two gives you some idea of how rare it is.

Fortunately, squirting – such as other sexual activities – can happen any time the genitals and anus are stimulated, even if you are stimulating them yourself while masturbating.

Therefore, if you are interested in adding this activity to your sexual repertoire, you can always try it on your own before you try to make it happen with a partner.

Can Every Woman Squirt?

According to most gynecologists, most women are able to squirt, but simply do not know how or they just aren’t interested in this type of activity. When women have an orgasm, they all ejaculate a little bit, because there is moisture and fluid inside of the vagina or anus that has to come out.

Because of this, there is always some type of liquid being expelled immediately after an orgasm occurs. The amount and type of liquid depends mostly on whether or not one of the glands inside of the vagina is a “squirting” gland, and there is no way for a woman to know whether she has this gland or not.

Because of these things, there is a certain number of women who are never going to experience squirting, regardless of how much they practice and try.

A lot of factors can affect your ability to squirt, including the type of glands you have and their ability to produce the amount of liquid you need to participate in squirting.

The amount of stimulation you’re receiving also affects your ability to squirt, so squirting is not necessarily something you have total control over.

In addition, when some women squirt, they are merely releasing urine from the bladder, and this makes it harder to determine whether the squirting you’re experiencing is true squirting or just urinating.

What all of this means is that while many women are capable of squirting, it isn’t for everyone, despite what happens in porn films. If you try squirting and it doesn’t happen, therefore, there is no need to feel bad about this.

Why Some Women Struggle Squirting

As mentioned earlier, the type and number of glands inside of the vagina have a lot to do with whether or not you can squirt. Another aspect that makes squirting relatively rare is the fact that the only time most people see squirting happen is on the screen while watching porn.

Female squirting is very common in porn movies, and this makes women think it is easier than it actually is. The truth, however, is that squirting is uncommon and even rather difficult for most women.

The pressure some women feel to experience squirting can affect her psychologically as well, which means the chances of squirting can actually decrease if you are trying to mimic what you see in porn films.

Most of the results you get from your sexual activity – including orgasms and squirting – are due to being aroused, which is affected by many different things.

If you’re interested in squirting, the best thing to do is relax and take the pressure off of yourself so that you aren’t experiencing any unnecessary stress before you have sex.

If your glands aren’t conducive to the squirting experience, you won’t be able to squirt, regardless of how long you try. In addition, the amount of arousal you feel can increase the odds of squirting, and many women simply don’t get aroused enough to experience it.

Women, more than men, need to be prepared both psychologically and physically for any type of sexual activity to be successful, and if anything is missing she simply won’t even be able to climax, much less squirt.

Health Benefits of Squirting

Much like the orgasm that precedes it, squirting after sex has definite physical and emotional benefits. For one thing, squirting is a type of release that makes both the body and the mind feel much better. Many women describe it as freeing, liberating, and even mood lifting.

One of the reasons this is true is because a woman’s G-spot holds a lot of her emotions and feelings, both negative and positive, so when she squirts, it can get rid of a lot of things she’s been holding onto that aren’t good for her. It is a way to release the many feelings she’s experiencing on the inside.

Other advantages to female squirting include:

  • It increases the flow of sexual energy within your body.
  • It gives you a greater sense of creativity in the bedroom.
  • It can lead to a spiritual awakening.
  • It gives you a sense of empowerment.
  • It allows a woman to become more familiar with her body and discover her femininity.

The climax of all sexual activity is the perfect way to find release after the energy it takes to have an orgasm, and both orgasms and the resulting squirting action are a big part of that release.

Not only are you releasing fluids, but you are also releasing emotional energy that goes a long way in improving your mood and even your overall outlook on life.

Simply put, orgasms and squirting allow you to release and relieve a lot of physical and emotional tension that is felt before you start to have sex, which is why so many women aim for both of these things when they have sex.

What Does Squirting Feel Like?

Squirting itself, according to a lot of women, feels like it is an actual part of the orgasm. Because the amount of fluids released varies with each woman, some women barely notice when they’re squirting, while others feel it extensively because they are releasing a lot of fluids.

Squirting can range from a slight trickle to a stream of fluid being expelled to a deluge that gets everything around you soaking wet. Every woman is different, and your own experience can vary from one sexual escapade to the next.

In essence, if you’re wondering what squirting feels like, the feeling can be summed up in one word – wet. Squirting makes you wetter than you would be if you hadn’t squirted, but let’s face it, when it comes to sex, wet is good.

There are, however, concerns that some women have about squirting, particularly if they are “super-squirters.”

These women sometimes worry about the bedsheets getting too wet and messy and even what their partner will think about their wetness, but fortunately, most men consider squirting a turn on and most items that are squirted on can be cleaned easily.

Is it Pee? What Is the Fluid and Where Does it Come From?

When it comes to squirting, many people wonder exactly what is being expelled from the body at that point. Once again, this depends on which article you’re reading, but there are a few things that most of the researchers agree upon.

First of all, if the fluid comes from the bladder, it is most likely only urine. However, if it comes from one of the many glands found in the vaginal area, it is usually urine mixed with other substances found in these glands, including PSA, which is also found in male ejaculate.

What does all of this mean? It means that instead of one type of fluid being expelled from one source, there are actually two types of fluids from two different sources. This includes the urine that comes out of the woman’s urethra, and urine mixed with substances from the female prostate.

In addition to PSA, there are other enzymes and proteins found in the fluid that women squirt out, including Human Protein 1 and PDE5, as well as water, electrolytes, and various sugars.

The PSA mentioned earlier, which is the main contribution of the female prostate, is not found in every woman’s fluid, however. This is because the Skene’s glands are different sizes and shapes in different women, which affects how their emissions travel into the bladder at the time of orgasm.

Often, it is difficult to determine exactly what the fluid released during squirting consists of, in part because it is difficult to study this fluid.

Interestingly, in Great Britain the act of squirting is not allowed to be shown in their porn films, mostly because it goes against the obscenity laws that explicitly state that no sexual acts regarding urine can be shown on the screen.

How Much Fluid Is Produced?

The amount of fluid produced during the act of squirting varies greatly from one woman to the next. On average, however, the amount is usually no more than a half-cup of coffee.

Some women are just a little damp after they squirt, whereas other women are surprised by how wet the bedsheets are after experiencing squirting.

Speaking of wet bedsheets, one of the reasons many women are not interested in squirting is because of their old childhood fear of wetting the bed beyond their control.

Any amount more than a few drops surprises many people because after all, how could that much fluid fit into the female body, particularly in their sexual organs?

Some amazing things happen to the human body when sex occurs, and it should be no surprise that women can release a lot of bodily fluids just like men can.

Does Squirting Only Happen During Orgasm?

Just like orgasms don’t only happen when having sex with a partner, squirting doesn’t only happen during an orgasm. In fact, when a woman is properly stimulated, it is possible for them to experience squirting without an orgasm and even without a partner.

In some ways, achieving this is a little more difficult and challenging than it is when you’re having sex with a partner and you’re completely aroused, but it isn’t impossible.

Some women, including women who have trouble having an orgasm, find it easier to squirt than to climax another way. As long as she is being stimulated by fingers, sex toys, or any other object, it is possible for her to squirt, even if she doesn’t ever have an orgasm during the process.

What Is the Skene’s Gland and Its Role in Squirting?

The Skene’s glands are often compared to a man’s prostate gland, but the two are naturally not exactly alike. While all prostate glands look alike, the Skene’s glands in females can vary in size and shape, and no one actually knows what their main purpose is.

However, these glands – which are found at the top part of the vagina – operate in some ways just like the prostate does, which is why they are nicknamed the female prostate.

One of the ways the Skene’s glands affect squirting is due to the size of the gland. When a woman has large glands, she can have more intense squirting episodes and can squirt a lot more fluid.

Even though the glands were first recognized in the late-1600s, even today many drawings and diagrams of the female anatomy do not include any mention of them.

Since many people believe these glands are actually ducts and not glands, they are often called Skene’s ducts.

Once again, the larger the Skene’s glands are, the more a woman is able to squirt, so the squirting is more intense when these glands are large.

Unfortunately, if you’re interested in squirting, but your glands are quite small, the chances of being successful at it are slim. This is one of the reasons why many women are simply unable to participate in squirting, regardless of how hard they try.

Can You Squirt From Anal Sex/Stimulation?

Squirting from anal sex or stimulation is certainly possible and in fact, many women experience more intense squirting when they are participating in anal sex than they do during regular vaginal sex.

The anal muscles are filled with lots of sensitive nerve endings, so when it is stimulated properly, a lot of erotic things can happen, including your ability to squirt.

Not only does anal sex enable a lot of women to experience squirting without vaginal sex, many of them claim that the squirting is also a lot more intense than the ones they feel during vaginal sex.

Of course, just because you squirt during anal sex doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll also have an orgasm. In fact, many women experience squirting during anal sex, but never have an orgasm, even when they squirt several times during the sex act.

Let’s face it, more than anything else, squirting is a physical reaction to the pressure you’re feeling at that moment, whereas there are both physical and emotional aspects of having an orgasm.

Naturally, this doesn’t mean that squirting during anal sex has to be routine and boring. Indeed, most women who squirt during anal sex claim it can be just as intense as other sexual outcomes, including orgasms, and many of them prefer squirting over orgasms and squirting during regular vaginal sex.

Preparing for a Squirting Session/Foreplay

In addition to a lot of foreplay, which is always important in anal sex, there are ways that you can increase the odds of squirting during your next sex act. Being prepared both mentally and physically for anal sex goes a long way in helping you with your squirting once the sex is begun.

One of the things you can do to prepare for your squirting session is to practice Kegel exercises, because the muscles that are strengthened during this exercise are some of the same ones that you use when you squirt.

Kegels are a way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, and the exercises are done by pressing downward and inward at the same time. From a sitting position, practice this squeeze-and-release method in sets of 10, and work your way up to three or four sets of 10.

Don’t rush it, but practice your Kegel exercises once or twice a day and you’ll notice a big difference both in and out of the bedroom. Other tips for preparing for anal sex squirting include:

    • Get regular massages. Most people have muscles that are very tight because of stress and their lifestyle, but regular massages help keep your muscles supple and more relaxed, which releases your sexual energy and lets it flow to the lower region of your body.
    • Discover what your psychological barriers are so that you can get rid of them. Today’s culture often shames women who are comfortable with their sexuality, but this is not the way it should be. Make sure there is nothing emotionally that is holding you back from great sex.
    • Make sure you use a lot of lube. All types of anal sexual activity require a lot of lube. This is because the anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina is, so make sure you buy and use lots of lube during anal sex if you wish to experience squirting.
    • Never try to hold back when you experience your orgasm. Instead, push out the orgasm, which increases the odds that you’ll squirt properly afterwards. Many women don’t allow themselves to experience this climax because they feel they’ll lose control over the situation, but letting go and pushing out is the only way to experience true bliss.
    • Keep yourself hydrated. The more fluids you have in your body, the better your squirting will be. Drink a lot of water on a regular basis, and keep a glass of water on your nightstand so that you can replenish your water supply right before you have sex and even afterwards. A hydrated body also allows you to squirt more than once during the sex act.
  • Don’t wear high heels very often. This sounds odd, but the truth is that wearing high heels can alter the way you rotate your pelvic bone, which can affect your ability to squirt. It doesn’t make a huge difference, but without wearing high heels, your squirting can be more intense.

There is one other important thing to do to increase the intensity of your squirting activity. Often, a woman is hesitant to let herself go and experience squirting because she feels like she is going to pee instead, which can be embarrassing.

If you empty your bladder before you get to the bedroom, you will know that instead of urinating, that urge you’re feeling later on is actually the urge to squirt, which means you can let go and allow yourself to experience this type of ecstasy.

How to Make a Woman Squirt During Anal Sex

If you want your woman to experience squirting during anal sex, you have to take things slow, even if she’s already squirted in the past. After all, this is not an activity to be rushed into, because preparation for anal sex always requires both physical and psychological preparation.

This applies to both newbies and those with more experience, because without the right types of preparation, the squirting activity may not happen at all. Other steps and suggestions include:

  • Make sure the atmosphere is right. Prepare a romantic setting that can include candles, wine, dim lights, and soft music so that both of you can get into the proper mood.
  • Allow yourselves to relax. Sit or lie in the right position, and make sure both of your bodies are tension free and completely relaxed.
  • Don’t go any further unless you are completely convinced that you have enough time to complete the act and that you won’t be disturbed for a while.
  • If you prefer, you can lay towels down so that when the activity begins, your bed will be much cleaner and drier.
  • Find and stimulate her G-spot, which is on the vaginal wall, roughly an inch or two from the opening and towards the stomach area.
  • After applying lots of lube, slowly stimulate the G-spot area and explore it thoroughly.
  • If she feels like she is about to urinate, you are likely near the end.
  • When you start to have sex, consider either the cowgirl or the doggie-style positions.

Women who wish to squirt need to be comfortable with their bodies, and both of you should keep in mind that it may not happen the first time you try it.

Patience is a must, but with the right attitude, preparation, and tools – including lube and maybe even a strap-on – it will likely happen for the two of you eventually.

Easiest Positions for Women to Squirt

Much like other types of sex, there are sexual positions that are more conducive to making a woman squirt.

Keep in mind that unless the G-spot is stimulated, squirting will likely not happen, but even with the right stimulation, you still need a position that makes this type of sex much easier and more comfortable.

There are three main positions that work well when you want to increase your odds of squirting, and these include:

    • Girl on top. In this position, the woman should lean back slightly while the man rubs the frontal vaginal wall continuously throughout the sex act. If you want to be a little rougher and more aggressive, have her lean back a little more so that the G-spot is easier to find.
    • Missionary. Yes, some amazing things can happen using this standard sexual position. Prop her buttocks up with a pillow and have her bend her knees and place her feet flat on the bed so that reaching her G-spot is a lot easier. She can even bring her legs back and spread them out further for a more intense experience.
  • Doggie style, lying down. In this position, the woman lies down on her stomach and spreads her legs just enough for the man to enter her. The vaginal walls are then much tighter together, which allows for the possibility of squirting.

Naturally, there are many other positions that will work great for anal sex and squirting, and you can even make up a few of your own. As long as you take your time and you are relaxed, squirting during anal sex is always a distinct possibility.

Squirting Techniques

Once you learn a few basic techniques, making a woman squirt is a lot easier. Some of the techniques are basic and standard, while others are really meant for more experienced squirters. These techniques include the following:

  • Intense stroking. Once you find her G-spot, rub it forward and backward, then switch to circular motions. Once she gets used to it, insert two fingers and do the same until orgasm occurs.
  • Stroking, part 2. Stroke her vaginal walls and make a “come here” motion with the fingers. Start off slow and soft, increasing both speed and intensity as you go along.

You can even invent your own techniques if you like. The important thing is to find the G-spot and make sure it’s stimulated, use a lot of lube, and don’t rush through the activity, because this is the only way to make the experience memorable.

Best Sex Toys to Make a Woman Squirt

Since the G-spot is so important to the squirting process, sex toys that stimulate the G-spot are the best ones for her to use if she’s interested in squirting. These include toys like the following:

  • Basic G-spot vibrators, which come in many different sizes, but which all have the main purpose of stimulating the G-spot.
  • The rabbit, which usually consists of a dildo and a clitoral stimulator, and most of them have various speeds for you to enjoy.
  • Wand vibrators, which are shaped like wands and which are long, narrow, and have a rounded tip for easier insertion.
  • Butt Plugs, which are specifically designed for anal stimulation, can still be useful when trying to squirt. They put extra pressure on the g-spot from the other side. Try a fox tail butt plug and let the fur add extra stimulation as it strokes your legs too!

When you’re looking for a dildo to stimulate the G-spot, look for a vibrator that is curved slightly at the tip, because these are the best ones when it comes to this type of stimulation.

If it provides clitoral stimulation as well, this is even better, but if you’re interested in learning how to squirt, it is necessary for you to get a vibrator or dildo that is capable of stimulating that G-spot.

Squirting is not as elusive as you may think, and if you’re interested in learning more about it, you will likely be surprised at how easy it is to accomplish, even if you are a beginner.

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