Large Purple Heart Shaped Anal Beads with a Pull Ring

Large Purple Heart Shaped Anal Beads with a Pull Ring

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  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of body safe materials
  • Purple color
  • Perfect for anal stimulation

Take your erotic anal stimulation games to a more exciting level with this purple anal link butt plug. It is a perfect choice for intermediate and new butt plug users who want to explore the more adventurous side of anal stimulation. All you need to experience intense pleasure is to take in one of its stringed links or take it a step further and try to accommodate as many links as you can. The anal link plug comes with a handy heavy duty pull ring that you or your partner can use to manipulate the sex toy. It is made of flexible TPE material that easily bends with your body and is smooth enough for easy effortless insertion.

If you want to start using an exciting anal stimulation toy, then this anal links butt plug would be great. It comes with five heart-shaped beads attached from end to the other. The beads are in an increasing size design to ensure that you get as much pleasure as you can accommodate.

The anal link butt plug is smooth enough for easy penetration and 100% safe for your pleasurable usage. It is made of high-quality body safe materials for pleasurable non-painful anal stimulation. If you are looking for a more exciting butt plug at the right price for your anal stimulation and erotic games, then this anal link butt plug is your best choice. You can even buy it as a gift for your partner and have it delivered in a nice discreet package with a personalized message if you prefer.

Product Details:

Type: Purple Anal Link Butt Plug
Colors: Purple
Plug Material: Flexible TPE material


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