180ml Disposable Enema Set
180ml Disposable Enema Set
180ml Disposable Enema Set
180ml Disposable Enema Set

180ml Disposable Enema Set

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You are in the bar, and a hot guy is hitting on you. As the night passes by, your conversation is heating up... then he invites you to go with him. Well, you know what to do! Clean up your ass because you don't know what will happen next.

But wait, you don't have your anal douche in your bag! What should you do?

Look no further; our enema set is here! This kit is perfect for a quick enema and anal douche. This set is made of disposable plastic; hence, you don't need to clean it up after using it. However, it does not mean that this material is harmful. We guarantee you that the product is safe to use.

The douche has an accordion bottle and a smooth nozzle with holes on the sides. The accordion design of the bottle allows you to pump water to your rectum. Meanwhile, the holes pointing sideways clean not just the anal canal but also the walls of your body. Thus, you are guaranteed that your butt is completely clean, and you are ready to have some hardcore anal sex.

But this isn't just for anal cleansing purposes. You can also use it during sex when you want to add spice to your activities. Once inserted, it can fill you up as if you're being penetrated behind. As a result, you will release more cum, which will make your partner happy. At the same time, you will be able to clean yourself. Isn't that amazing?

So the next time you go to a bar, be prepared and get this enema set. Who knows, you could meet someone at the bar who would ask you out to spend your night with him.


Color Clear
Type Enema Kit
Material Plastic
Volume 180 ml.

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