Huge Anal Toys

Are you a size queen? Well look no further! You’ve found our biggest selection of huge anal toys.

These toys aren’t for the faint of heart. If you’re looking to stretch your body to the limits, and experience a feeling of fullness you’ve never felt before then these are the toys for you.

Like to feel it deep? Look no further than our selection of wands and dildos. These big boys can be as long as ten inches, letting you go deeper than ever in your butt. With unique designs that add extra stimulation to your experience, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try a long anal toy sooner.

Or if you like to feel the stretch, then try out some of our great extra large plugs. You’ll definitely need to warm up to fit these in, but once you do, you’ll feel more pleasure than you knew was possible. If you’re looking for a challenge, then you’ve certainly found one.

Anal stretching doesn’t just have to involve pushing in large anal toys though. You can work up to the experience with our selection of expanding and inflatable plugs.

When you start using them, these plugs look just like a regular one, and aren’t particularly big. The real magic comes after you’ve put them in.

Inflatable toys use a simple pump and valve system, making the toy grow larger once you’ve inserted it. You can start small, and go up to whatever size you want. You can even practice over time, by pushing for one more pump each time, until your body can’t take it any more!

Expanding plugs are a little different. These look a little bit different when you first pick them up, with three or four petals that open out from the center of the plug. When you insert it, you push these petals together to make the shape of a regular plug

Once an expanding plug is fully inside your body, the petals open up inside you. This lets the plug stimulate parts of your body you didn’t even know you had!

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