Black & White Fox Tail Plug 16"
Black & White Fox Tail Plug 16"
Black & White Fox Tail Plug 16"
Black & White Fox Tail Plug 16"
Black & White Fox Tail Plug 16"
Black & White Fox Tail Plug 16"

Black & White Fox Tail Plug 16"

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  • Easy to clean stainless steel plug
  • Black with white colored fox tail
  • Perfect for role play
  • Available in 3 plug sizes – small, medium, and large

Here is another beautiful black and white fluffy fox tail with an awesome stainless steel butt plug. It is a well designed to give you endless fun as you try out different kinky role plays. It is perfect for anal play and comes with long flowing black fluffy wool and a white foxy tail end. It has an authentic black and white foxy style that will definitely add to your excitement. It is a perfect addition to your kink scene. Its black color provides a slightly hardcore addition while the soft white tail end helps to soothe those intense sensations.

The tail’s metal plug is made of stainless steel which is 100% safe for anal stimulation. The smooth metal bud slides in easily and can even be lubricated for easier penetration. Stainless steel doesn’t rust and is also extremely easy to clean due to its soft smooth texture. The tail’s metal plug comes in a uniquely designed shape that ensures the tail doesn’t fall out while you are enjoying your sexual play.

This beautiful black and white fox tail comes in 3 sizes namely small, medium, and large. It has a short convenient length of just 40cm to ensure that it doesn’t get in the way as some long tails do. It is also lightweight at just 86.2g. There’s no need to feel like you are dragging a heavy burden as you enjoy your anal stimulation. It’s short and lightweight design coupled with the luxurious long fur is enough to satisfy your foxy desires.

Product Details:

Color Black and White
Type Tail Plug

Plug: Stainless Steel


handle: 38 - 45cm / 18"

plug: S: 2.95 in; L: 3.74 in.


handle: N/A

plug: S: 1.10 in; L: 1.61 in.

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