Beginner Anal Toys

Anal can be intimidating. We know all about it. Plenty of customers have bought toys from us with the intention of using themselves, or with their partners, only to find that when the big moment comes they’re just too scared to try it!

There’s no reason to be afraid though. Anal pleasure is a completely unique experience, and there’s no need to deny yourself this unique kind of stimulation. With the right tools, and the right knowledge, anal can be quick, easy and enjoyable.

The best place to start is our selection of beginner anal toys. These start at a smaller size to let you get more familiar with the feelings before stepping up to larger toys. You can also try a kit, which will include various sizes of plug so you can experiment and see what size you’re most comfortable with. Over time, you can work your way up to the larger ones in the set and experience more and more pleasure.

Just because these are anal toys for beginners, it doesn’t mean you should just use them straight away. Like all anal toys, you should make sure that you use plenty of lube, and take your time while inserting them. For a complete beginner we also recommend taking a warm shower before you start, to help you relax and to help the area loosen up a bit.

Once you’ve started using your plugs, it’s entirely up to you what you do next. You can leave them in and just enjoy the sensations and pressure they put upon your nerve endings. Insert and remove them for penetration style stimulation. Even include them in your regular sexual activities!

Adding butt plugs to your sex life can have great benefits. People often find that they feel hornier, enjoy sex more, and even have better orgasms. A lot of this comes from the additional pressure that the plug puts inside your body. It can press on a woman’s g-spot, and also press on the base of a man’s penis making his erections stronger.

Start your anal adventure today. Choose a beginner anal toy from Loveplugs today.