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Petplay Equipment

Petplay can be a lot of fun in the bedroom. Even with just your body and imagination, you can have a fulfilling and exciting encounter with your partner. If you want to take your sessions to the next level though, there are many toys and devices you can use to make being a pet seem extra authentic.

  • Butt Plugs: The most ubiquitous of the petplay accessories, butt plugs with tails give you a solid indication of who is the animal in the relationship. There are a huge range of tails available, so you can find exactly the style you imagine an animal having.
  • Gags: Worn by the pet, a gag can simulate many aspects of a pet’s life. For example, dogs who wear mouth covers to stop them biting, or horses who have mouthpieces as part of the riding equipment.
  • Paws or Bondage Boots: You can find specialised footwear for a variety of pets. Some will simply simulate the look, such as paws with claws on them for cats or dogs. Others can actually simulate more, such as good footwear making it more difficult for a pet to walk like a human.
  • Collars: Although widely used in the BDSM community already, collaring still has a role in petplay. The functions are similar, declaring the dominant’s ownership of the pet. Pet collars can come with extra pieces though, such as bells or attachments for harnesses.

  • Yokes: If an owner is lucky enough to own multiple pets, they might wish to attach them together for some parts of roleplay. A yoke is usually a wooden beam, used to attach two animals to something in order to pull it.
  • Masks: Masks can either be simple face coverings, or elaborate designs. The former simply extend the roleplay psychologically, helping to detach the pet from their human reality. The latter goes a step further, simulating animal features and looks for the benefit of the pet and the owner.
  • Humblers: A relatively simple device which attaches to the ankles of the wearer, and has a hole in the middle to hold the scrotum. If the wearer tries to stand, the scrotum will be painfully stretched. These are ideal for those petplaying as animals which stay on all fours.
  • Shock Collars: More extreme than your regular collars, shock collars are often used in a training aspect of petplay, particularly with dogs.

When buying equipment for petplay, you should always try to buy high quality pieces. They need to be safe for use, and kept clean to prevent any nasty infections. You need to be aware of any dangers or risks too, as improper use might not just be unpleasant, but could also be harmful for your pet.