How Often Should You Anal Douche?

When it comes to anal douching, there’s one question that nobody really has an answer for. How often should you do it? It’s a difficult thing to answer properly, as even amongst the medical community there are many different answers you’ll find. We’re going to try and dissect the issue, and hopefully help you decide when it’s right to douche.

How Often is it Necessary?

In general, douching will never be truly necessary. In a human body operating at full function, the body does its own job keeping everything clean and healthy, and it does it well. So, if something is completely unnecessary, then why do it at all?

Well one obvious answer to this is medical reasons. Douching can be recommended to many patients suffering from a wide range of medical issues. Constipation, in particular, can be greatly helped by a level of regular douching.

Outside of medicine, the reasons to douche are entirely up to the individual. For some, they might feel it’s better to do it more often. Others might only prefer to do it occasionally or for special occasions.

Who Should Douche Less?

There are a few aspects of your everyday life that can affect how often you should douche. Diet makes a particularly large difference. If you regularly eat a lot of fibre, and have a healthy and consistent schedule of bowel movements, you probably won’t need to douche much or at all.

Who Should Douche More?

Those who need to douche more will usually decide to do so based solely on personal reasons. If you regularly engage in more extreme sexual activity such as fisting or gaping, then regular douching will help you feel more comfortable. Many gay men will douche before every sexual encounter as social norms expect them to have very clean rectums.

Other people may just want to douche more because it makes them more comfortable. The risk of encountering faecal matter during anal sex can be very off-putting for a lot of people. These people will usually douche before nearly every anal session.

Can you Douche Too Much?

Douching too frequently can cause some serious damage to your body. Your gut and rectum are full of all kinds of healthy bacteria and flora, as well as bad ones. Douching makes no distinction between these, washing away the good bacteria too and leaving your rectum more susceptible to damage.

If you are Unsure…

A good way to check if you need to douche or not is to use an anal sex toy before you plan to have anal sex. Preferably choose one that is clear or light coloured. Insert it into the rectum and then after removing, check for any faecal matter. If there is none present on the toy, then you probably don’t need to douche.

Even if you still choose to, try not to do it all the time. If at any point you feel pain during the process, be sure to stop immediately. While having a clean rectum is important, it’s even more important to practise safe douching.