Guide to Choosing Anal Beads

So you’ve been convinced. Anal beads sound like a lot of fun, and you want to grab a set for yourself. But when you load up the store pages, there’s just too many options. What sort should you buy? Well hopefully were going to answer that for you now.



The first thing you’ll want to consider when purchasing a set of anal beads is the size. This comes in two forms, the size of the overall set of beads, and the size of the individual beads. Which you’ll prefer will mostly depend on your experience with anal play. Complete beginners will want to start with something short and that has smaller beads. More advanced users will probably want things a little longer or larger. If there’s any doubt, it’s usually better to go for something smaller as you’ll at least be able to make some use of it, but something too big will probably not get used at all.



The other key consideration when buying anal beads is what material they are made of. There are a lot of different types of material available, but you usually want to try to find a set made of a non-porous material. These are usually silicone, glass, or steel. Non-porous materials aren’t able to harbor bacteria, and are much easier to keep clean.




Sometimes, anal beads aren’t entirely round. They can have various patterns or engravings on them to give you some different feelings as you insert or remove them. Sometimes they might even be a completely different shape to the regular sphere. There isn’t a huge amount of advice I can give you on these kinds of beads, as it’s largely down to personal preference. So if you fancy something different, give it a go!


What connects the beads?

Most good quality anal beads won’t be connected by anything as such, but the beads will be molded together into one complete piece. Some cheaper variants might have the beads held together by nylon or cotton string though. These should be avoided at all costs. Not only are the strings impossible to properly clean and disinfect, but there’s a huge risk of the string snapping and loose beads getting to go on a journey through your digestive system. You don’t want this to happen unless you like hospital trips.



Just like nearly anything else designed to be put in your lower regions, some types of anal beads are able to vibrate. If you want a set of vibrating beads, you need to be sure that they are completely sealed and body safe to avoid any electrical shocks. Most people prefer to go for sets with adjustable speeds, that way they can start on something slower and work their way up to faster speeds if desired.

That covers most of the decisions you will need to make about anal beads. As I mentioned, they’re quite a simple sex toy, so aside from buying beads that are too big there’s unlikely to really be a wrong set of anal beads. Just grab a good quality, non-porous set and you’ll be good to go!