Choosing a Prostate Massager

When you first step into the wonderful world of prostate massagers, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed. There are so many different kinds out there, so what sort should you be buying? This short guide aims to arm you with that knowledge, and run you through the various important parts you should consider.

How Big is it?

Perhaps the most obvious difference between different prostate massagers is the size. Some will be quite small, while others will be much larger. What you want to go for will mostly depend on your level of experience with anal sex toys. Those who are just starting out will want something smaller, so look for shorter lengths, and thinner diameters. More advanced users might want something larger, potentially up to the size of some large butt plugs that you already own.

If you’re not sure what size is ideal for you, it’s usually better to start with something smaller. With a smaller prostate massager while it might not be ideal, you should still be able to get some level of enjoyment from it. If you buy something too big though, you might not be able to use it at all so itll just be an expensive paperweight.

What’s it Made of?

There is a wide range of materials available when purchasing a prostate massager. The important difference between materials is whether or not it is porous. In an ideal world, all sex toys would be made from non-porous materials but unfortunately they aren’t, so you need to take a little more care.

Non-porous materials are the best for anything you plan to put inside your body. They will last much longer, are much safer, and will be easier to clean properly. Non-porous materials include metals and steel, glass, and silicone.

Porous materials are much riskier to insert into your body. They are more prone to breaking down, leaving debris in your body, and can never be truly cleaned, so are able to harbor bacteria over long periods of time. Non-porous materials include jelly, jelly-rubber, latex-rubber, PVC, and TPR. 

Does it Vibrate?

For most people, whether or not their prostate massager vibrates will be the biggest consideration. Having a vibrating prostate massager can take a lot of pressure off your hands while massaging your prostate, letting you completely relax and enjoy the experience. If you plan on getting a vibrating massager, its advised to find one with adjustable speeds. This lets you start off slowly, and build up to higher speeds when you want to, rather than having one speed that it turns out you don’t enjoy.

Can I Use it in the Shower?

Not such a huge factor, but some prostate massagers will be waterproof while others wont. Nearly all non-vibrating prostate massagers should be waterproof but you should double check with metal ones to make sure they aren’t going to rust. With a vibrating plug though, it needs to be shower safe or you risk shocking yourself and your delicate prostate. So be sure to pick up a waterproof prostate massager if you’re planning to use it in the shower.

Can it do anything else?

Some prostate massagers have an extra arm, which is designed to sit outside the body and stimulate the perineum externally while the main arm stimulates the prostate internally. These arms can be very different on different massagers, so do some extra research into the sizes and shapes of these to be sure that you’re picking up something that is exactly what you had in mind.

Much like prostate massagers with a perineum massager, some come with an attached cock ring. These can be quite useful as being aroused is very important when effectively trying to reach prostate orgasm. Having a cock ring can help keep your penis nice and erect throughout the process, allowing you to focus completely on your prostate stimulation.

What Stops it Getting Stuck?

Not the most glamorous consideration, but definitely an important one. You need to make sure that your prostate massager is safe for anal use. One of the main ways you do this is by making sure the base is appropriate for how you are planning to wear it.

If you’re planning to keep it in for longer periods of time, without holding directly onto it, then you need to make sure it has a flared base. The anus will naturally suck in anything you put into it. The base makes sure that it doesn’t travel too far and get stuck inside, avoiding embarrassing hospital trips.

The other design you can go for is one with a handle. These require you to be a little more active in your use, as the only thing stopping it from traveling further inside you is your own grip on the massager. They do give you some extra control over the movement of your massager though, as you can use the handle to reposition things much easier. If this is your choice, you need to make sure things don’t get too slippy causing you to lose your grip.

Can I Wear it Out and About?

Some people like to wear their prostate massagers out and about, much like butt plugs. In this case you need to take extra care to find a base that is not only flared, but comfortable and discreet. Being able to see it underneath your clothes would probably be quite embarrassing, and if the angles aren’t quite right, sitting down could be a problem. For long term wear, massagers with a t-bar base design are usually the best, as these nestle nicely between your butt cheeks.

Whatever your ideal prostate massager is, you should make sure that you’re picking up a quality product that is going to last a while. Your anus is full of sensitive and delicate nerve endings and muscles, so you want to make sure anything you put in there is going to be safe and enjoyable.